Shea Hess-Webber

Dr. Shea Hess-Webber (she/her) is a solar physicist at Stanford University. Shea discovered astrophysics because when Shea was 10 years old, her big sister thought that she was actually an alien! She insisted that a spaceship was going to come take her home to a different planet in a different galaxy. Young Shea wanted to make sure she could go visit her big sis after she left the solar system, so she became determined to study the stars!

Later, Shea started an internship at NASA with a solar scientist and realized that the Sun is really cool (even though it’s really hot)! Pictures of the Sun are beautiful to look at, both studying them on a computer and also wearing them on your clothes. It’s also important to understand how clothes can keep us safe from the Sun, and that the Sun actually informs how we dress! As a solar physics fashionista, Shea will share both her love of the Sun and the love of her Sun-themed clothes, jewelry, hats and more!!

woman at table smiling